Are you a good communicator?

July 6, 2011 Comments Off on Are you a good communicator?
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It is difficult to build a good marriage without good communication. Communication is an important process that all couples need to constantly develop and nurture if they are going to experience a rich and fulfilling marriage.

Good communication is not easy. It takes a lot of work. And most of all, it is vital for building intimacy in your marriage. When marriage partners quit taking time to listen and to interact, their marriage starts to fall by the wayside, as does their ability to be intimate with each other.

Here are some keys to remember for good communication:

  • Communication is not an optional exercise; it is the very life for any marriage.
  • Communication is not an event; it is an ongoing process, which must be developed, refined, and cultivated.
  • At the heart of every communication is the desire to be heard and understood.

Take a step back and analyze the communication between you and your spouse. Have you mastered the art of good communication? Or does this area of your marriage need some more of your attention?

Dr. Dale Goodman, Pastoral Counselor

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