Doc’s Corner: Foundational Principles for a Healthy Marriage

September 17, 2012 Comments Off on Doc’s Corner: Foundational Principles for a Healthy Marriage
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A strong foundation is critical for any building. The foundation supports the structure. Every part of the building depends on the foundation. If you are building something, you have to start with a solid foundation.

The same is true with marriage. Building a healthy and vibrant marriage will not be easy, but having a proper foundation will make it more possible. 
These foundational principles will help you build a strong, healthy marriage. Read, reflect and correct any cracks in the foundation of your marriage.

Foundational Principles for a Healthy Marriage:

  1. Your marriage will not always experience happiness, but it can be fulfilling.
  2. Your marriage will not be perfect, but it must be progressing.
  3. Your marriage will experience times of conflict. Expect it and learn from it.
  4. Your marriage will have disappointments. Take it as an opportunity to trust God.
  5. Your marriage will take work, but it is worth it.
  6. Your marriage will require personal and corporate growth; change is vital for survival.
  7. Your marriage will become no greater than your relationship with God.
  8. Your marriage will require a covenant commitment, a love without conditions.
  9. Your marriage will be a blessing to others, a window into heaven.
  10. Your marriage will need laughter to lighten the load. Learn to chill out, daily!
  11. Your marriage will need balance. Time together and time apart.
  12. Your marriage will require grace, mercy, and forgiveness to heal its wounds.
  13. Your marriage incorporates two sinners in need of a redeeming Savior.
  14. Your marriage is a refining tool in the hands of a holy, loving and redemptive God.

Question: What principle or principles do you need to shore up in the foundation of your marriage?



   by: Dr. Dale Goodman

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