Doc’s Corner: How can we build a solid foundation for our marriage?

December 9, 2011 Comments Off on Doc’s Corner: How can we build a solid foundation for our marriage?
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In this changing world, your marriage will require a firm and immovable foundation to stand upon. This foundation is essential for a healthy marriage and family.

Where do we begin? is probably what you’re thinking. And that’s an accurate apprehension. But the good news is that it’s not that scary. Here are a few tried and true principles for establishing a rock solid foundation:

  1. Recognize that your marriage is grounded in your family roots, life experiences, and faith. It is crucial to make sure you have healthy beliefs about yourself, spouse, and God. If you perceive some issues, it’s okay, but get some assistance. Your foundation for marriage is building now, so don’t delay dealing with issues that you recognize as problematic.
  2. Believe that God is able to help you build a solid foundation. His Word gives you a wonderful blueprint for a healthy, joy-filled marriage. Have confidence that God is able to lead you toward a rock-solid foundation.
  3. Receive all the help you can get for establishing a healthy foundation. Seek mentoring or premarital counseling, and read good resources on marriage. How do you know if you have a healthy foundation without healthy people, resources, and studies to assist you?
  4. Achieve God’s best for your marriage. Don’t settle for less. God wants you to accomplish great things for Him, but it starts with a healthy, rock-solid foundation. Your marriage is a gift from God. He wants you to experience a flourishing marriage. Make sure you are working on your foundation of beliefs, behavior, faith, and skills to make this happen.

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