Love in Action Series: Learning, Observing, Valuing, Encouraging one another

November 26, 2012 Comments Off on Love in Action Series: Learning, Observing, Valuing, Encouraging one another
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The following acronym on love will help you to take another look at love and become more knowledgeable in being better at loving your partner.


Learning: to gain knowledge; to acquire by study.

Learning develops intimacy—the ability to be known and to know another.


How well do you know your marriage partner? What do you think would help you to know them better?


Observing: to take notice of; to be attentive.

With the busy schedule of life, work and family the marriage relationship can become neglected.  We fail to observe the warning signs and often end up hurting each other. We need to keep constant attention toward building a strong, healthy and fulfilling marriage.


Is your relationship being neglected? If so, what are some of the signs of this? What do you think are the causes of this? What can be done to revitalize and restore your relationship?


Valuing: to esteem; to honor; to place importance

Do you feel valued in your relationship? We have so much potential to hurt one another. Sometimes we just don’t realize how much we knock the wind out of our love for each other.


Encouraging: inspiring with hope and confidence

Are you encouraging to each other? We need to be constantly encouraging each other. Constant discouragement can become a silent killer in relationships. Could you be more encouraging? How does your partner inspire your hope and confidence in your life and marriage? Is there anything your partner is doing that discourages you? What could they do to become more encouraging to you?


Love is Learning, Observing, Valuing and Encouraging one another. Let these be the foundational ingredients for your marriage.



by: Dr. Dale Goodman

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