Marriage Matters: Does Marriage Matter to God? (Part 1)

September 10, 2012 Comments Off on Marriage Matters: Does Marriage Matter to God? (Part 1)
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          Does God really care about marriage?  Or is all the religious rhetoric and hand wringing much ado about nothing?  How important is the structure of an intimate relationship?  Isn’t God just concerned that we be kind, loving, and respectful – regardless of the relationship arrangement?  That’s certainly the message many people would have us believe today.  But what does God’s Holy Word have to say on the topic?  If we want to know God’s views on the subject, the Bible is the logical place to begin. God’s original institution Several pieces of evidence are worth noting in an attempt to discover God’s thoughts on marriage.  Let’s consider some of the evidence found in scripture.

     Marriage stands as God’s original (i.e., first) institution.  That alone signifies it is a priority to the Creator.  The pages of scripture focus on God’s design for marriage long before other social institutions were formed or needed.  So before government, business, education, or even religion established fine institutions, God invented marriage.  The union of Adam and Eve marked the only social institution created prior to sin.  Marriage was part of God’s design, intended for the good of his creation.

          God’s favor toward marriage: when it came time for God to send His only Son into the world – the central event upon which Christianity rests – He came into a family that would be headed by a married couple, Mary and Joseph.  God could have sent Jesus as a mature, already-fully-developed adult without need of married earthly parents.  But God chose not to bypass the institution with which he began human history.  A married family was His design at creation; it would also be His design when He sent His Son to die so that we might experience a new creation.  God continued to show favor toward marriage.

          God loves weddings  a wedding celebration is the customary way that God begins all His major movements.  As noted above, creation itself began with the garden wedding of Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:24).  Then the earthly ministry of Jesus began at a village wedding in Cana (John 2:1).  Finally, the culmination of history will begin at a heavenly wedding described as “the wedding supper of the Lamb” (Rev. 19:9).  Creation, Jesus’ ministry, and eternity are all launched at a wedding, once again indicating the value God places on marriage. Let’s be clear about this: marriage is neither incidental nor marginal in God’s design.  Evidence reveals that the institution of marriage has divine significance and, therefore, deserves our attention and respect.  Next time we will consider further indications that marriage does indeed matter to God.


By: Dr. Kent Olney

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