Mike and Janet LaReau: 50 Years of Marriage

October 8, 2014 Comments Off on Mike and Janet LaReau: 50 Years of Marriage
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Expected and unexpected. Every married couple gets both in the course of a marriage. But not every couple makes it through to celebrate 50 years of marriage like Mike and Janet LaReau have.

“For the first five years of our marriage, I was mostly thinking of myself,” Mike says. “I was pretty immature. When our daughter, Darcy, was born, I knew it was time to wise up.”

Neither of them was prepared for what came next: six miscarriages. One of the darkest times in their marriage drew them closer together. As they grieved the loss of each child, their love for Darcy and each other formed a bond that couldn’t be broken.

Mike recalls all too vividly another time when that bond was tested. When he had heart bypass surgery, he thought he was going to die. Janet stayed beside him, taking care of him the entire time. Her love and care made all the difference in his recovery.

“Bad things are going to happen,” Mike says. “You have to see them through together.”

Now, they treasure the times the share together: sitting on the patio of their home in Bourbonnais, Ilinois, and reliving special memories, traveling, working on household projects, volunteering with the youth group at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Family times are most important. Their daughter, Darcy, is a teacher in Michigan, married and the mother of the LaReaus’ two grandchildren. And there’s one more addition to their family: their son, adopted in 2003 and now a senior at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School.

“We have bad days and good days together,” Janet says. “Every day together, you build a little more of your foundation with love, commitment and faith.”

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