Join Marriage, Inc. in promoting positive growth in marital relationships as intended by God by strengthening the
institution of healthy marriage in the Black community.

Celebrating Black Marriage

Marriage, Inc. presents a Black Marriage Day weekend celebration on Saturday, April 25 – Sunday, April 26, with a marriage workshop (for marrieds and singles) Saturday, April 25, and community worship service on Sunday, April 26.  “Respect the Ring: Join the Celebration!” is the theme. The goal is to let our community know that marriage promotes positive and permanent change in the lives of individuals and families. This celebration is designed to empower the divine institution of marriage.

Marriage has always mattered to the Black community. But much of what we hear about marriage in the Black community is a blues song about cohabitation, out of wedlock births, escalating divorces and how “somebody done somebody wrong.”

Marriage, Inc. is working to replace that blues song with a love song of joy and celebration. We want to let the world know that we're creating a cultural shift in the Black community. We’re encouraging individuals and couples to reconsider the benefits of marriage. Further, we acknowledge that we have stumbled in many ways pertaining to collaborative strengthening efforts and supporting divinely-ordered family structure.  With this in mind, the community – especially the Black community, is challenged to revisit lessons of our forefathers regarding our roles in marriage and the family.  We encourage community efforts to support strong marriages that significantly contribute to strong families and communities.

Black Marriage Day 2015 will remind community of two very important elements that have remained constant in building strong marriage and family foundations:  the element of laughter and the element of Spirituality.  Festivities will include an interactive and informative workshop for married and engaged couples.  With the realization that single people are those who become married people, this workshop will also offer a special segment dedicated to singles who are seeking increased understanding of dating as it relates to the marital relationship.

See the SCHEDULE for additional details.

Why Black Marriage initiatives?

In the U.S., there is strong evidence about the decline of marriage. This decline exists in most, if not all, cultures in our country. Marital preparation plus work on strengthening, repairing or reconciling marriage relationships have different effects on different cultural groups.











What is effective in one culture may be entirely ineffective in another. To strengthen Black marriages, culturally specific programs are important.

Marriage, Inc.’s goal is to promote and strengthen the institution of healthy marriage in the Black community.  Our stated objectives are as follows:

• Improve the well-being of Black children by increasing the number of children living in healthy, two-parent married households.

• Increase the number of healthy marriages in the Black community.

• Improve the overall well-being of the Black community.

• Develop and improve the capacity within the Black community to provide healthy marriage programs and services.







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