Referring Couples Who Want to Get Married in Your Church

What to do with couples who want to get married in your church

Even healthy couples need premarital preparation. They spend hours preparing for the wedding ceremony and reception which lasts only one day. But a marriage that lasts a lifetime takes some investment of time and energy, too. So give the couples in your church the gift of “marriage insurance” by requiring that they go through a thorough premarital preparation using marriage mentors.

If you don’t have marriage mentors in your church yet, let us connect the engaged couple with a qualified marriage mentor in the community. We’ll ask them to take the Prepare Inventory (Prepare-Enrich) and meet with the marriage mentors to identify strength and growth areas.

In our experience through Marriage, Inc., we have discovered that couples who score in healthy ranges on the Prepare/Enrich tool have a nearly 97-98% success rate. This means that only 2-3% of our couples end up divorcing! That sounds like marriage insurance to me!


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