What Can I Do?

Take care of your own marriage.

If you can only do one thing to help us, this is it. Our biggest need is for more models of healthy marriage. Nothing silences the critics more quickly than a couple that has learned to work through its differences and challenges, and is still in love decades after the wedding. And nothing is more devastating to the younger generation than seeing another failed marriage. So do what you have to do to build a strong marriage. That may mean cutting back on work schedules and commitments, changing the way you talk to each other, or complimenting him or her in public. It could take a thousand different forms. But unless we care for our own marriage, an initiative like this has absolutely no purpose or lasting value.

Stop whispering and begin speaking out.

Our sincere prayer is that by standing together and identifying our common interests, we will reclaim the desire, the courage, and the right to speak positively on marriage once again. Jim DeMint and David Woodard recently wrote a book entitled, Why We Whisper (2008), in which they state the following: “The great majority of principled Americans have been silenced. They know that something is wrong, but they are afraid to speak out. They whisper because…[they are] less sure of what they believe and less confident that their worldview is right.” Well, it’s time to speak clearly once again, and to do so with confidence. If we continue to whisper, we will lose the marriage debate by forfeit. The opposition is vocal, but the truth is on our side.


In some ways, our little attempt in Kankakee County may not seem like much in the overall scheme of things. After all, we can’t be everywhere and do everything pertaining to this issue. But we know One who can! His name is the Lord God Almighty. When we pray, we have an audience with the Sovereign God. Let’s take these matters before Him.

Here are some specific ways you can be praying:

  • More marriage mentors to work with couples.
  • Couples who have been married 5 years of less, as they adjust to married life.
  • A possible grant from the U.S. government that could help us impact this county on behalf of healthy marriages.
  • Wisdom as we deal with couples in troubled marriages.


Participate in our democratic process, and get out and vote for pro-marriage, pro-family candidates and issues. This is both a privilege and responsibility. When we vote, we are also electing leaders who will appoint judges that make critical rulings. Please, get out and vote and encourage those under your influence to do the same.

Join us at Marriage Inc.

Be a part of what we’re doing. Share your input, get involved; let’s work together and make a difference.