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Raising a Responsible Child Workshop

March 31, 2014 NO COMMENTS
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Raising a Responsible Child: An Interactive Workshop for Remarkable Parenting
Saturday, May 3, 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Riverside Health Fitness Center, Conference Room
Register by calling (815) 592-5223 or emailing
$20 individual, $30 per couple before 4/28/14
$25 individual, $40 per couple after 4/28/14

I Believe in Me – Kankakee High School

February 25, 2014 NO COMMENTS
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Marriage, Inc. is partnering with KHS to offer the “I Believe in Me” program, scheduled to launch February 19, 2014. This eight-week seminar is designed to help teens:

  • develop goals for their future
  • define their path in life
  • understand the benefits of saving sexual activity for marriage
  • explore the consequences of risk-taking behaviors
  • learn ways to build healthy relationships now and in the future

While this program will offer support in helping students identify sound life choices in many areas, it will also include topical discussion on relationships, sexuality, marriage and family.  Marriage, Inc. is concerned that society and the media have portrayed distorted images of how healthy marriages should look. Many teens have never been exposed to healthy marriage relationships; therefore, they often have slanted views and a lack of respect for the institution.

Research shows that communities with healthy marriages also have better neighborhoods, stronger churches, better schools, lower crime rates and improved economic stability. These benefits have been proven as factors that significantly increase the overall social and economic stability in families, as well as in entire communities.

While it is not Marriage, Inc.’s intent to encourage high school students to immediately consider marriage in their existing relationships, our goal is to present students with sound information that will help them develop healthy relationships.

8-2-14: “I Still Do” Conference

February 25, 2014 NO COMMENTS
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“I Still Do” is a one-day marriage event sponsored by FamilyLife that will strengthen your marriage and rekindle romance between you and your spouse. Expect great worship, fellowship, and encouragement as you and your spouse learn how to better live life as a team. FamilyLife has booked some amazing speakers, musicians, and entertainers (including Date Night 2014 entertainers Acts of Renewal).

The Chicago event will be held in the Allstate Arena on August 2. Tickets range from $59 to $89 per person, on sale now. For more information, visit I Still Do online.

Date Night 2014

January 10, 2014 NO COMMENTS
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Join us on January 24 for Date Night! This year, Date Night features standup comedian Jeff Allen and married theatre duo Jim Shores and Carol Anderson Shores as Acts of Renewal. This evening will be full of fun and fellowship, so mark your calendar. Purchase tickets online or in person at the studios of Shine.FM or Love Christian Center in Kankakee.

Date Night is partially sponsored by LegalShield, your source for simple, approachable legal assistance. Contact your local LegalShield associate if you need help with anything from will preparation to parking tickets.
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Hands of Hope Positive Parenting Class

December 11, 2013 NO COMMENTS
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See the flyers below for more information. Classes take place in Joliet and Lombard, every Friday for 6 weeks starting January 10. Catholic Charities will help you and other parents learn positive parenting techniques for your family.

January 10-February 14
Hands of Hope, 2121 Oneida St. Joliet
Hands of Hope, 26 W. Charles Rd. Lombard

Hands of Hope Positive Parenting Joliet

Hands of Hope Positive Parenting Lombard