Being Engaged: Know the Short and Long Term Rewards

Thinking about getting married can be overwhelming for some. In an age when divorce is rampant, it’s easy to be afraid to “take the plunge” for fear you’ll end up a statistic. But did you realize that couples who work on their marriages reap many great benefits?

Short term

According to Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher, authors of The Case for Marriage, married couples have more frequent and better sex than singles or cohabiting couples. In addition, married men and women report their sexual experience as being more physically and emotionally satisfying than single or cohabiting couples.

Long term

Married couples report being more pleased with life and their own relationship and also tend to enjoy more mental stability, reporting less anxiety and depression.

Living healthier and longer lives are two other benefits that come with being married. This seems to be related to a sense of responsibility for others. Because spouses (and children) are important to each other, they tend to take better care of themselves for their family’s sake.

Married couples report greater wealth; “…the average income for a married-couple household with a related child under eighteen was $89,234. That compares with only $54,792 for an unmarried-couple household with a child”(McManus, pg86). Married couples are more committed to each other and the well-being of the whole family, which cause them to make wiser financial decisions.

When considering the many benefits of a marriage relationship it certainly makes sense to get married and stay married for life.