Hardest Decision is Finding For the Right Person–Falling in Love…

The dating world can be so confusing! How do I know what I want? Are there rules for dating? If you’re asking these same questions, you might want to read Falling in Love for all the Right Reasons (link to amazon page?).

Dr. Neil Clark Warren has developed a science of attraction with 29 dimensions of compatibility. Each short chapter of his book discusses one of these dimensions, and by the end of the chapter you will know where you stand on it and what you’d like in a future partner.

For example, at the end of the chapter entitled “Ambition,” I recognized that not only am I highly ambitious in the areas of career and social life, but I would like to have a partner who is also passionate about his career and wants to spend a large amount of free time with friends. If I were to marry someone who would rather stay home every night and watch a movie, I would probably get really bored!

I’d encourage you to prioritize the dimensions of compatibility after you read this book because it might be hard to find EVERYTHING you want, it’s helpful to know where you will not compromise.

Warren, N.C. (2005). Falling in love for all the right reasons: how to find your soul mate. New York, NY: Time Warner Book Group.