Just Want To Get Married?

Premarital preparation program through Marriage, Inc. is designed to help you better understand your relationship and your partner. As you begin this program you will take the PREPARE inventory by Life Innovations. PREPARE is designed to help you…

  • Better communicate your feelings and ideas with each other
  • Build upon the strengths you have as a couple
  • Identify areas of your relationship that may be problematic
  • Prepare for a good start on your marriage

The PREPARE inventory is a scientifically developed questionnaire that you and your partner take individually. A personalized report based on your responses is printed that identifies your strength and growth areas as a couple. It summarizes how each of you view your relationship. Confidentiality of the results is assured throughout the program.

After you have completed the PREPARE inventory, we will pair you with a marriage mentor (link) who will go through the inventory with you, discuss possible situations and issues that have been raised through the inventory analysis, and guide you toward maximizing your strengths.

This is not a tool to break you up! Rather, we like to think of premarital preparation as marriage insurance because we want to see you and your partner succeed in marriage. The Prepare Inventory has over a 90% success rate.

The cost of this program is $70. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about premarital preparation if you call us at 815.939.5385 or email us at info@marriageinc.org. If you are interested in using Marriage,Inc. to help you prepare for marriage, please fill out the Marriage Mentor Request Form form and we will be in contact with you.