Make it Last!

Make it Last Premarital Preparation offered by Marriage Inc. is designed to assist couples in discovering the strengths of their relationship as well as areas of growth.  It consists of several components: the nationally recognized premarital inventory, PREPARE; mentoring sessions; a finance seminar and a sexuality seminar.

We match seriously dating or engaged couples with a married mentor couple. They will meet for 6-8 sessions.  These sessions provide a way for young couples to talk through situations and issues that have been raised through the inventory analysis. Each mentor couple has completed training which includes the ENRICH inventory, the marital equivalent of PREPARE.Sessions with the mentor couple will be held in area homes.

The premarital couple will take the PREPARE inventory before Session one. PREPARE stands for PRE marital P ersonal A nd R elationship E valuation.

PREPARE is designed to

·   help you better communicate your feelings and ideas with each other regarding a variety of important topics.

·   help you build upon the strengths you have as a couple.

·   assist you in more clearly identifying areas of your relationship that may be problematic.

·   help give you a good start to your marriage.

The PREPARE inventory is a scientifically developed questionnaire that you and your partner take individually. Based on your responses, a personalized PREPARE computerized report is printed identifying your strength and growth areas as a couple. It summarizes how you each view your relationship. Confidentiality of the results is assured throughout the program.

PREPARE questions are not test questions. No one passes or fails. These questions are simply designed to help you describe your relationship more completely.

Our premarital preparation will not predict the success or failure of your relationship. However, it will help you prepare for marriage by encouraging you to talk more openly with your partner.

The cost is $35.00 per couple.  If you are interested, please contact us at 815-939-5385.