Should I get Engaged Now? – Personal Checkup

Deciding the best time to become engaged is a personal decision. Only you and your partner can really know the best time for engagement, but we are glad to help you through the decision-making process.

First, we suggest you take The Couple Checkup, an online inventory developed by Life Innovations that will help you look at your relationship objectively. If you would like a mentor couple to assist you in processing the results and talk with you about your concerns, click here to complete a registration form. The staff at Marriage, Inc. will be happy to pair you up with trained marriage mentors who can coach you through the process.

Second, we recommend a number of great books that dive into the questions and concerns that every couple should discuss before becoming engaged. Here are a books we recommend:

  • Gottlieb, L. (2010). Marry Him: The case for Mr. Good Enough. Melbourne: Text Publishing company.
  • Parrott, Les. (1995,2006) Saving Your Marriage Before it Start. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan,
  • Wright, N.H. (2004). 101 Questions to ask before you get engaged. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers.
  • Warren, N.C. (2005). Falling in love for all the right reasons: how to find your soul mate. New York, NY: Time Warner Book Group.