Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to receive personal attention from a healthy married couple who is willing to let you “pick their brains” on the marriage experience. These couples will listen and encourage as you process your relationship using the Prepare/Enrich relationship inventory. Prepare/Enrich is a customized inventory designed to identify your unique relationship strengths and growth areas. Each mentor couple is trained in the use of this tool and can provide you with an objective look at your relationship as they help you maximize your strengths and encourage your growth as a couple.

Mentor couples are available for engaged couples and married couples experiencing some kind of distress.

Engaged couples work with their mentor couple to prepare for marriage. They help you understand your relationship on a deeper level and build the skills necessary to keep your relationship thriving.

Distressed couples can often benefit from a mentor couple who comes along side—much like a coach—to help you make it through difficult times. Marriage, Inc., works hard to pair couples in distress with mentor couples who have dealt with similar problems in their past.

If you are interested in benefiting from Marriage Mentoring, please fill out this application and e-mail it to us at

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