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Married Couples Coaching Group


Overwhelmed with children, work and church?  Feel there’s no time for building your relationship with your spouse?  Want to make your marriage more enjoyable—but out of ideas?


Whether your marriage is young or can boast a few years of experience, Married Couples Coaching Group can help you build a stronger, more successful marriage without straining your finances.


Married Couples Coaching Group is a face-to-face coaching experience that focuses on strengthening marriages by setting goals, providing accountability, and creating greater awareness of the dynamics of your relationship. You’ll discover new ways of having fun on a budget, adding excitement to your daily routine, and creating new guidelines for your marriage that will bring you closer together. As a small group, together we’ll learn to identify those limiting beliefs within each marriage that can cause undue stress, and instead develop healthy habits for your lifetime together.


Limited to four couples, Married Couples Coaching Group offers accountability, lasting friendships and insightful experience that come from a small group setting. Couples will engage in a communication process that helps them celebrate their strengths and abilities, as well as equips them with resources necessary to overcome future challenges.


The Married Couples Coaching Group series includes:

  • An individualized pre-program call
  • Nine hours of coaching with a professional life coach
  • Effective tools and resources
  • A follow-up evaluation at the end of the series


Location: TBD

Duration: 90 minutes, two times a month, for three months

Cost: $50 per couple, per session


If you’re ready to register, or if you have any questions about Married Couples Coaching Group, contact Jorge Bonilla at 815-351-1476 or  I look forward to working with you and your spouse to better your marriage.