Why is premarital preparation necessary?

Premarital preparation helps couples avoid a bad marriage before it starts, making them aware of strength and growth areas.

What is a marriage mentor couple?

A marriage mentor couple has been happily married at least seven years.  Their relationship is in the healthy range of the marriage inventory and they have been trained to work with other couples.

What is wrong with cohabitation?

Most couples enter a cohabiting relationship believing it to be a “trial marriage.”  The reality is that it ends up being a “trial divorce.”  Couples who do marry after cohabiting are 50 percent more likely to divorce than those who have never cohabited.

Does a community marriage initiative work?

More than 229 cities across the country currently support a marriage iniative and have seen the divorce rate drop an average 17 percent over seven years.

What is Marriage Inc?

Marriage Inc. is a grassroots movement comprised of concerned citizens and organizations in the Kankakee community.  Our purpose is to educate others about the benefits of marriage and the importance of committing to marriage for a lifetime.