Our Vision

Kankakee County has a divorce rate higher than the national average.  In 2008, Kankakee County’s divorce rate stood at 75 percent, compared to 49 percent nationwide.  Between 2000 and 2008, the number of couples who married decreased by 26 percent, even though the county grew 8 percent over the same years.  These trends indicate that the value of marriage has declined in our county.

We dream of an improved quality of life for the children and families of our county.  We believe this dream begins with understanding and following God’s design for marriage.  Studies show that strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate is also likely to reduce poverty, teen suicide, drug abuse, the high school dropout rate, health risks to children and domestic abuse.

As church and community leaders, we have united to promote the value of marriage and reduce the divorce rate within our county.