Why we Exist

by Dr. Kent Olney, Marriage, Inc.

Marriage Inc. exists to build a culture of marriage in Kankakee County. We are concerned about the condition of marriage and believe that investing in marriages will have incredible benefits to the entire community. There are three major reasons that brought us to action.

Local trends and concerns.

  • A recent demographic survey found that Kankakee County has a higher divorce rate than the national average.
  • Local public health official reports that certain STD rates in Kankakee County are nearly double the national average.
  • A growing number of children are living in households that are not ideal for their healthy growth and development.

In other words, there is work to be done in Kankakee County. We are rallying concerned individuals, churches, organizations and community leaders to address local needs. We believe the answer lies not in more tax dollars for community programs, but rather investing in marriages and families. The battle must be won at home.

A united effort is the most effective way to support the institution of marriage.

We desire to join forces with other local churches and organizations. The task is too big and the mission too important to fail for lack of coordination and support. There is great value and wisdom in standing together. This is a plea to lay aside differences on other issues and stand together when it comes to supporting marriage in our community.

The next generation needs us.

A host of attempts are being made to redefine marriage and family across this nation. In such a climate our children are increasingly confused and disillusioned. Community leaders must act for the sake of these children and for future generations.