Think You Can’t Afford to Be Married?

You’re in love, you’re committed and you want to get married but you tell yourself you can’t because you haven’t saved enough money. You can’t afford to get married.

Wait! While it may be true that you can’t afford to GET married, (because of society’s pressure to have a big expensive wedding and honeymoon) in reality, BEING married is actually cheaper than living alone. Think about it: one monthly rent or mortgage payment, one electric bill, one family-plan cell phone bill, one set of household items and furniture, but two incomes.

(This is why divorce becomes so expensive for couples. What was once one home for a family of four is now two homes with two mortgages or rent bills, two cable bills, two sets of beds for the children and so on.)

Now I’m not suggesting that you get married just to save yourself some money. That’s not reason enough. However, it’s also not a good reason to delay marriage. So, if that’s all you’re waiting for, rearrange your priorities and go ahead and set the date!